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Founded in 1988, Hill Sokalski Walsh Olson LLP is a boutique litigation firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering litigation services for local, national, and international clients. Recognized by Lexpert and Canadian Lawyer Magazine, the firm consists of 11 lawyers and its counsel The Honourable Peter S. Morse, Q.C., making it the largest litigation firm in Winnipeg, and the largest litigation boutique between Toronto and Calgary.

In both 2012 and 2013, the firm was selected by Benchmark Canada as the Manitoba Litigation Firm of the Year and Dave Hill was selected as Manitoba Litigator of the Year.




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Founded in 1988, Hill Sokalski Walsh Trippier LLP is a boutique litigation firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering litigation services for local, national, and international clients. Recognized by Lexpert and Canadian Lawyer Magazine, HSWT consists of 11 lawyers and its counsel The Honourable Peter S. Morse, Q.C., making it the largest litigation firm in Winnipeg, and the largest litigation boutique between Toronto and Calgary.

  1. The firm is founded with Dave Hill and Sherri Walsh, becoming a two-person litigation firm under the name Hill & Walsh.

  2. On March 1, 1989, with the addition of Doug Abra, the firm has a total of six lawyers and becomes known as Hill & Abra.

  3. Sherri Walsh becomes a partner.

  4. January 1, 1999, Rob Dewar joins the firm, changing the name to Hill Abra Dewar.

  5. The Honourable Peter S. Morse, Q.C., a retired Queen’s Bench Justice, becomes the firm’s counsel.

  6. Faron Trippier becomes a partner.

  7. Doug Abra is appointed as a Judge to the Court of Queen’s Bench in July, 2007. The firm becomes Hill Dewar Vincent.

  8. Rob Dewar is appointed as a Judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench in October, 2009. Bob Sokalski joins the firm on October 1, 2009.

    The firm now consists of the four named partners, two additional partners, seven associates, an articling student and its counsel The Honourable Peter S. Morse, Q.C., and is known as Hill Sokalski Walsh Trippier LLP.

  9. Derek Olson and Karen Wittman become partners May 1, 2011.

  10. Karen Wittman is elected President of the Manitoba Bar Association.

    Hill Sokalski Walsh Trippier introduces a new logo. The firm is now six partners, seven associates, The Honourable Peter S. Morse Q.C. as counsel, and an articling student.

    Karen Wittman is appointed Alternate Chairperson of the Manitoba Review Board (Criminal Code).

    Sherri Walsh is appointed the Chief Adjudicator pursuant to The Human Rights Code (Manitoba).

  11. Christian Monnin becomes a partner January 1, 2013.

Our Work

Over the past few years, the partners in the firm have been involved in leading cases in Manitoba on oppression remedies under the Canada Business Corporations Act and The Corporations Act (Manitoba), and in the economic torts, especially the tort of wrongfully inducing a breach of contract.

The firm continues its longstanding representation of property and casualty insurers, and, on occasion, has represented insureds in direct first party claims against their insurers.

Human rights issues, complaints and adjudications for and in front of the Human Rights Commission, as well as involvement in respectful workplace issues, have become a common source of work for one of our partners.

Employment law and estate litigation have become target areas of our practice based on demographics that make these areas of significant interest for our target market.

Securities litigation and securities regulation matters, together with lawsuits over the misappropriation of funds by financial advisors, registered brokers and the like, have also involved members of the firm.

The firm has significant experience in emergency applications such as all types of applications for interlocutory injunctions (including Mareva and Anton Pillar) and has the capacity to act immediately in such matters.

As the largest litigation boutique in Winnipeg, we regularly receive referrals from other lawyers and law firms, large and small, from inside Manitoba and on a national scale. The firm offers its litigation services to a wide range of local, regional, national and international clients.

Recent Litigation

Environmental Litigation

The firm is involved in lawsuits in British Columbia and Alberta defending an unbranded reseller of gasoline.

Media Law

Counsel to APTN in ongoing litigation.

Sports & Entertainment Law

Counsel to the Winnipeg blue Bombers including prior arbitrations.

Securities Litigation

HSWT is representing a number of mutual fund dealers and securities investment brokerage houses, both in civil litigation matters before the courts and in regulatory matters before the Manitoba Securities Commission.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The firm is counsel for the Receiver in the Crocus Development Fund Receivership and related litigation.

Commission of Inquiry

Sherri Walsh was appointed to act as Commission Counsel to the Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry — a significant public inquiry established by the Province of Manitoba to examine the circumstances surrounding the death of a child who had been receiving services from the child welfare system.

Sherri is the first woman in Manitoba to hold such a position.

Four other members of the firm are also involved in working on the Inquiry — Derek Olson, Kathleen McCandless, Elizabeth McCandless and Noah Globerman.

Defence of Federal Minister

The firm represented former Minister Nault of Indian and Northern Affairs and the Attorney-General of Canada in a $53 million suit by the Pikangikum First Nation. Following a five week trial in May and June of 2010, the case was dismissed. The action involved the tort of misfeasance in public office or what is sometimes called abuse of power.


In February, the firm was recognized as the Manitoba Firm of the Year by Benchmark Canada.

RPS In August, Bob was selected in the practice area of Defamation and Media Law.

In the January, 2012 edition of Benchmark Canada, a guide to Canada’s leading litigation firms and lawyers, the firm was ranked as highly recommended.

HSWT received an Honourable Mention in the April 2012 edition of Canadian Lawyer’s Top 10 Litigation Boutiques.

The firm has also been chosen for the Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year in Canada Award 2012 by Global Law Experts in the U.K.

Canadian Lawyer Top 10 Litigation Boutiques 2010Recognized as one of the 10 Top Litigation Boutiques in Canada in the March 2010 issue of Canadian Lawyer.

Selected as the leading litigation firm in Winnipeg by the 2009 Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada.


HSWT Launches a New Brand and Website

As part of plan to refresh and rebrand our firm, Hill Sokalski Walsh Trippier LLP is pleased to announce an exciting milestone in the company’s history: a new logo, a new design, and a new hillco.mb.ca. The overall look and feel of the brand strives to balance the gravitas of the legal profession with the well-rounded character of the firm’s partners and associates, emphasize our position as a boutique firm, and reflect our strong ties to the community. The new site features a responsive design, enabling convenient access across desktop and mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Refreshed content showcases the . . .

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